Saturday, August 1, 2020

Bubbles & Cords

Hello, Friend!

Today we're going to talk about a few different things: Bubbles & Cords. How to use them and the importance of them. The cool thing is that they can be used by ANYONE. Doesn't matter if you believe in Spirit Sensitives or if you think you have abilities or not. Everyone can benefit from using these visualization techniques.

Before we get started, let me just say that I appreciate you. Thank you for joining me, supporting me, and arriving to each post with an open mind. It was incredibly nerve wracking to commit to this—baring my journey for all to see. Being vulnerable. Not just suspecting, but knowing that I would have mistakes and setbacks, that my journey wouldn't be complete and pretty. That I'd be open to criticism and ridicule. That was the reason I resisted following this path for so long. But Spirit is insistent. And, I have to say, this has been one of the most freeing experiences of my life. So, thank you for sharing this with me and accepting me as I am.

As always, if you have questions or want to make a comment, please feel free to do so. If you have the question, I promise someone else does, too. I'm here to help. I've enabled anonymous comments, in case people are shy. I've been there. Or, if you'd rather, follow the links and come talk to me on Twitter or Instagram. 

Okay. One last thing, and then we'll start. Remember in my post where I talked about the dream with the church? Well, I finally got some good pictures! If you don't remember, just click here to get caught up. So, here is the church as it stands now, the one from my dreams. Except in the dream, of course, it was run down and falling apart. Isn't it beautiful?

Thank you for letting me get sidetracked there. I was just so excited that I finally got those pictures. The cemetery is across the street, so I had to drive through the cemetery to get a good picture of the church itself.

Okay, now then! Let's move on to the actual purpose of this blog post. 


As with the grounding visualization we learned last time (you can click here if you need to get caught up), this is something that is unique to YOU. Certain aspects are common, but the DETAILS can be whatever resonate with YOU. I might give examples of what mine look like, or what they look like for my family or friends, but those are just to serve as examples. More or less to kick start your imagination. Usually, whatever comes to mind first, is the one you'll end up going with, but don't be surprised if these change over time. If the details shift and meld as you use them more and more. That's totally normal. They way I bubble today looks nothing like it did the first time I bubbled.

The purpose of bubbling is simple. Remember how I explained that we exchange energy with people all the time? The bottom line is that bubbles help us separate our energy from everyone else's energy. 

More specifically, let me try explaining it this way: Hold both your hands in front of your face, palms facing you. Spread your fingers and touch your fingertips. Now, shift your hands slightly, and move them closer together so that your fingers are like the cogs of a wheel. Now move them back, so just the fingertips touch again.

Imagine that one hand is you/your energy and the other hand is someone else/their energy. The bubble forms a barrier of sorts and makes it so that just the fingertips are touching again. It makes it so that you can take YOUR energy back from them, and you can give them back THEIR energy

This is especially helpful in situations where emotions are high. But honestly, it's helpful any time you just want a little clarity. For Empaths and Spirit Sensitives, it's critical to bubble on the regular. We are open ALL the damn time and exchanging SO MUCH. For us, it makes it so much easier to discern whether what we are feeling belongs to us, or if it is from another (living or not). 

Learning how to bubble was amazing for me and I do it all the damn time. 

Taking a few minutes to center and breathe and visualize never hurts anyone. So whether you are here out of curiosity, belief, need, or entertainment, I urge you to give it a try.

Bubbling literally takes minutes, if not seconds, to do:

Visualize a bubble. It's shiny, right? A little iridescent.
Imagine this bubble is PINK. 
Visualize this bubble expands and grows until it is big enough for you to fit inside. 
Once it's big enough, imagine you walk inside of the bubble. Doing so does not make it pop. This bubble is strong and resilient. It only permits light and love to enter. You can move about freely. 
Give thanks for this bubble and open your eyes, knowing this bubble will go with you. 

Feel free to "reapply" this bubble as often as you'd like. The only important aspect of that visualization is that the bubble is pink light. Pink is for protection. There are other colors with different functions. We'll get into those in another post. 

If you're not comfortable being encased in a bubble, you can picture it being similar to a wet suit. Or maybe a spot light while sitting on a stage. Or maybe it's a shield. That works, too. Pink light, baby. That's what it's about.

Okay, on to Cords!!

The way I understand it, any time we interact with someone, and an exchange of energy takes place, a "cord" is created. The more we connect with an individual, the stronger the cord. Thicker, for example. So, maybe you have a pleasant exchange with the customer service agent at Target or whatever, but it's not like you'll be meeting for coffee or exchanging phone numbers, right? Still, a small, skinny, little cord exists. Connecting you two as you move about your day. You and your spouse? Obviously a much stronger, thicker, resilient cord. 

As you bubble, it's important to cut all of these cords. Now, don't panic! Doing so does NOT mean that you won't be able to connect to anyone! It doesn't mean that you don't care about the important people in your life. I promise, everything will be okay. 

If you have ever done any gardening, you know how important it is to to "dead head", or cut off all the dead blooms. That way, all of the plant's energy can go into feeding what is viable. Cutting all of the cords means that you will be able to keep your energy where it belongs, in YOU. Then YOU can decide where to invest your energy. 

As I said before, for Empaths and Spirit Sensitives, it will make it so much easier to discern what belongs to/comes from you and what is coming from others. It won't be such a mixed up jumble of emotions and feelings anymore. 

For example, as a Spirit Sensitive, when I don't bubble and cut cords regularly, I'm a mess. I will be going about my day and go from being calm and relaxed, to angry and frustrated for no apparent reason. It took me a long time to figure out that it was because I was absorbing someone ELSE'S energy. That anger and frustration didn't belong to me. It's that simple. It happens all the time. Usually after being in large crowds, such as after going grocery shopping. But not always. It can be just hanging out at home. But if someone else is upset (or happy!), I'll absorb it. Bubbling and cutting cords makes it so that I can feel that someone near me is angry and frustrated (or what have you), but I'm not. It also makes it possible to get rid of those other feelings and emotions, after the fact. 

For the Empaths and Spirit Sensitives: I'm not gonna lie. These things are no "cure", or "fix". But, man, have they sure helped me. I still have moments of breakthrough. I've learned that I need to do this more often. There was a situation recently, where I discovered that I have the ability to feel someone else's physical pain. An ability I was not aware I possessed. Well, not to that degree, anyway. I found out the hard way that I cannot forget to bubble and cut cords. And that this will need to be done multiple times per day, in my case. 

To Cut Cords:

Remember when we grounded, and sent our cords deep into the Earth? Okay. 
First, picture your bubble. 
Then, picture cords, similar to the ones you used for grounding. But, picture lots of them, coming from out of your bubble,—all different shapes, sizes, thicknesses—extending out into the distance. 
Then, you know those giant-ass scissors Mayors use when they break ground or christen a new building? Picture those scissors snipping all of the cords. 

If you have a specific place, person, situation: Put yourself in your bubble. Then put the other place/person/situation in a similar bubble. Visualize a cord connecting the two bubbles. Then cut the cord with your giant-ass scissors. 

For example, if you have a specific person you've been at odds with. That person goes in the other bubble. After, you may find it easier to see where the other person is coming from or find it easier to identify a solution. If you have an important project at work coming up, the title of that project goes in that bubble. You may find your anxiety about it eases up a bit, or maybe you can more clearly see the path the project should take. If you have a place that you've been to that gives you the creeps, picture that place inside the bubble. You may find it no longer gives you the willies quite as bad. 


Okay. So, bubbles and cords used together will help you regain control of your own energy and make it easier to see things more objectively. 

For Empaths and Spirit Sensitives, they are abso-fucking-lutely crucial to our every day life. Using them, in addition to grounding, will ease anxiety, allow us to be more centered and stable, make it easier to discern our own feelings and emotions from those of others, and make it a little easier to manage our abilities. 

These are tools that I am very grateful to have in my toolbox.

I hope that you will give these a try and let me know how it goes! More so, I hope you find this helpful.

As always, Namaste

Alain Davis

Saturday, July 25, 2020


Well, I thought I was going to talk about Spirit Guides today, Spirit Guides are insisting that I talk about grounding, instead. Some other bits and pieces of other topics might get pulled into the mix a bit, but we can always expand on those later. I promise I won't leave ya in the lurch. And, if you're ever reading one of my posts and I say something, or use a term that you're not familiar with—please, just post a comment and ask the question. I promise, if you have the question, so does someone else. Think of it as helping someone else, if you have to. If it makes you more comfortable, you could always post the comment anonymously. Or, you could pop on over to Twitter and ask me there. I truly do want to help others. 

Alright. Here we go. 


If you're familiar with grounding, this may seem redundant for you. But I hope you'll continue reading anyways. Spirit wants you to. 😉 

If you're NOT familiar with grounding, I hope you'll read this and then TRY it. 

Grounding is basically a visualization technique. It can be used BY ANYONE. Literally anyone. Whether you believe in Psychics, Mediums, Spirit Sensitives, Ghosts, or the Loch Ness Monster. Doesn't matter. Grounding is great for relieving stress, giving you a moment to just...breathe. 

Grounding is amazing for kids. It is especially helpful for people who identify as being Empaths. 

For people on their spiritual development path, who are opening and learning, grounding is absolutely ESSENTIAL. It's so important to incorporate it into a DAILY practice. So, so important. I'll explain why in a minute.

I promise you, this is a lesson I am still learning myself. The fucking hard way.

I get caught up in my day-to-day life and forget. Then I wonder why I feel like things are getting too hectic, too out of control. Why my headaches are worsening, when through all other indicators they should be lessening. Why I feel on edge, even though I don't really have a good "reason" to be so. And then my husband (bless him!) or my dear friend (bless her!) will remind me. Then, after grounding—I feel...back to my old self. The world is right, sunny, amazing. I am in control, on top of things. There is nothing too much, nothing overwhelming. All is well. 

Well, my friend, I have been on a streak, and have done my grounding for SIX days in a row!! SIX! Can you believe it? I feel like there is nothing I can't conquer. And I have a lot on my plate at the moment. But it's all good, man. I got this. 

So, what does grounding do, you ask?  

We exchange energy with others, all. day. long. Everyone does. Whether they think they have abilities or not. We, as humans, are energetic beings. I'm sure there's science behind that statement somewhere, but don't ask me to find it. I'm just passing along information. So, everyone we come into contact with, we are exchanging energy. Whether it's in person or online. We give them some of ours, they give us some of theirs. 

Sometimes it's an uneven exchange, right? Maybe someone is down in the dumps, so you give them a little more of yours then they do of theirs. Or maybe it's a negative encounter. You come away sad, hurt, or angry. Or a positive one. You come away happy, energetic, joyful. Can you think of some exchanges you've had recently? Think of how you've felt afterward. 

Sometimes, it's a VERY uneven exchange because the person you're dealing with is an energy vampire. More often than not, they don't even realize. That's a topic we'll have to cover another time. What I'm getting at is this: all day, every day, we are exchanging energy. All this exchanging of energy creates a buildup of sorts. Grounding allows us a process in which we can clean out all that stagnant, old, dirty, negative, hurtful, painful, energy. Bring us back to our OWN energy. It gives us an opportunity to clean it out and start out new again.

Can you see how this process might be helpful for people who are Empaths or kids? Kids are soooo open and they don't even realize it. They openly exchange energy with anyone and everyone, until they learn (either through being hurt and learning the hard way, or being taught, either through society or through parenting) not to be. Can you see how ESSENTIAL it is for people who are developing their mediumship? 

You'd think I'd remember to do this every day, right? UGH!! I'm getting there. I wrote it in my planner. That helps me. hahaha

Now, if you've read this far, and you don't see yourself as being an Empath and you're not developing your mediumship, I hope that you'll continue reading and give it a try. It's an excellent visualization technique that you can call Meditation. Lots of people meditate. Meditation is extremely helpful in lowering blood pressure, stress, and allowing you to focus better. 

When working through this visualization, keep in mind that the overall important takeaway, is that your body connect with the earth. The specific details don't matter to me. They absolutely can be different than mine and different than everyone else's. In fact, I expect them to be. When I list different things, I'm simply doing so to give examples and spark your creativity. Often, whatever first comes into your mind, is what you should go with. And, don't be surprised if the details of your visualization changes over time. Mine sure have! Also, know that as you continue to use this visualization, you'll get faster at it—eventually, you'll be able to do it with your eyes open while standing in the middle of a crowded place, if you want to.

Grounding Visualization

Find a comfortable position. It can be lying down, sitting in a chair, sitting outside. 
Close your eyes (if that makes it easier to visualize).
Take a few deeps breaths.
    *Cords extending from your feet and entering the earth. These cords can appear any way you want. They can be translucent and sparkly; black, like electrical cords; like tree roots - whatever resonates with you.
    *Your cords pushing down through the earth, through the mud and roots and worms and bugs, deep, deep into the earth. 
    *Your cords entering a cave deep underground. The appearance of this cave is up to you - whatever resonates with you.
    *That you and the cords are connected.
    *Bright, pure, white light in the cave, filling it up. 
    *The white light entering the cord attached to your left foot and traveling up and into your foot.
    *The white light moving up your left leg, pushing all the dark, old, negative, stagnant, hurtful energy up, up, up, traveling as fast or slow as you feel comfortable with, ensuring that nothing but white light is left behind.
    *The white light continuing to move up your left side, pausing only long enough to fill your left arm before continuing up into your head.
    *The white light pausing here in your head as long as necessary to gather up all the negative energy, thoughts, and hurt. This may look like a ball of dust, with shards of debris. Whatever resonates with you.
    *The white light continuing to move down your right side, pausing long enough to fill your right arm.
    *The white light continuing to move down your right side and down your right leg—pushing all the brown/black muck that has been gathered, leaving only brilliant white light behind.
    *That as the white light leaves your foot, pushing the brown/black muck down your cord and into your cave, the brown/black negative energy enters the cave from your right foot/cord and disintegrates, like ashes in the wind, being reabsorbed into the energy of the cave, no longer discernible. 
    *That once all of the muck is gone, your whole body is nothing but brilliant white light, you retract your cords into your body.
Remember to give thanks for this beautiful grounding.

My own grounding is slightly longer as it includes a Chakra cleansing, Bubbling, and Cord Cutting — but I am told those are lessons for another day.

I hope that you will give this a try and let me know your thoughts! More so, I hope you find this helpful.

As always, Namaste

Alain Davis

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Spirit Sensitive vs. Psychic/Medium

Why I prefer the title "Spirit Sensitive" instead of "Psychic" or "Medium"

In my opinion, when people hear the title "Psychic" or "Medium", or the two combined (from here on out, I'm just going to say "Psychic Medium", in my mind referring to the same abilities), they assume that person can tell the future (I can't!) or give a full psychic reading, just like the Mediums on T.V. (I can't do that yet, either—I don't think). I'm sure I'm generalizing to some extent and some people have other thoughts and opinions.

One thing I've encountered is that people will assume that a Psychic Medium simply knows everything. Some people love nothing more than catching them in an unknown, like asking them a question and when the Psychic Medium doesn't have the answer, the person will throw out that awesome line, "Well, shouldn't you know that, since you're a psychic?" Just so we're clear, Psychic Mediums don't "know everything". That's just false. They are receiving and interpreting information, through their Clairs, from Spirit. Read here if you're not sure what I mean by that—we'll catch you up. That's the long and the short of it. 

So, sure maybe a person asks a Psychic Medium to contact their dead Aunt May. And instead, all they get are messages from their poor Uncle Bob. There's a reason for that. Could be that those messages are super important for the person to hear. The thing to keep in mind is that the Psychic Medium is the go between. Don't shoot the messenger, folks. That's all I'm saying. 

Okay—so, when you hear that someone is a Psychic Medium, what do you think of? Why do you think that is? Is is because of your upbringing? Because of your parents' beliefs? Does it have to do with your religious teachings? Do you feel positive towards the idea or not? 

I have to admit...I used to think of two things. Either a woman sitting behind a crystal ball telling someone their fortune or the Salem Witch Trials. Kinda silly when I think about it now. Obviously, my opinions have changed over time. Now, the title Psychic Medium brings to mind Kim Russo and Chip Coffey. Both of whom are very well respected in the field.

What I'm getting at is, over time there has been a lot of negative connotation attached to that/those title/s. Whatever the reason, they just feel heavy to me. There's a lot of weight attached to them. A lot of unnecessary expectation. That left me feeling a little...lost. I didn't know how to refer to myself, my abilities. So, I just didn't. I kept it to myself (for the most part).

Not that long ago, I was a guest on a podcast. One of the other guests was describing an encounter he'd had with someone who has abilities like mine. That person uses the title Spirit Sensitive. As soon as I heard it, I knew that was the title for me. It just resonated with me, you know? It felt lighter. More than that, it felt like a more accurate way to describe my abilities. At least as they are right now. That podcast was the moment I stopped hiding behind my lack of a "title". 

At this point in my development, I don't know where I'm going or what I'm doing with my abilities (besides this blog, of course). Will I end up giving readings? Maybe. Okay, probably. Will I end up on T.V. someday? I don't know. Will I be walking through graveyards, trying to solve murder mysteries from hundreds of years ago? Who knows? As long as I'm doing something that is helpful, I'm down. That's my path—to be helpful to other and shine my light. That's all I know right now.

Most of the people I've talked to so far have a certain expectation when the title Psychic Medium comes up. They automatically assume certain things about me. I'm guessing it's based on hundreds of years of bad press, but I could be wrong. People think they know what I can and can't do. And most of the time, they are wrong. Which means I spend a lot of time trying to break down (or through) walls. Which is sometimes impossible.

I've found when I use the title Spirit Sensitive, a title heard a little less frequently, people seem to come at the subject (and me!) a little more open minded, with a little more of an open heart. They are more inquisitive, ask more questions, and I am given the opportunity to explain things. Maybe I'm wrong, but this is just how it seems to me.

I do know for sure that I can sense Spirit. Do I have doubts sometimes? Hell yes. All the time. Then, clear as a bell, I hear my Spirit Guide—and then I'm reminded that it's all real and I can sense Spirit. Because, after all, what is a Spirit Guide if not a Spirit, right?

I communicate daily, (shit, let's be real—all day long, every day) with my Spirit Guides. I have multiple guides (we'll get into that in a future post) but two that I speak to on the regular. The others I communicate with when needed. I have connected my children and my husband with their Guides. Whether they hear them or communicate with them now is up to them, but the introduction has been done. My husband says he still doesn't HEAR his guide, but I know he "hears" her in different ways.

I know when other Spirits are around. I receive and pass on messages as needed. I've passed a message to my neighbor from her recently deceased husband. I've received messages myself from people I used to know (but lost touch with) that passed away. And no, I didn't know they'd passed. 

I've passed messages to strangers that seemed completely random to me—but my Spirit Guide insisted! Both to people that I work with, but don't know well, and to strangers on the internet. Sometimes it was advice about a situation. Sometimes it was a specific message. In each of those cases, it was a total stab in the dark and I ignored the messages for days because I wasn't sure if the person would be receptive to receiving the information. I didn't know if they, you know, believed in this sort of stuff. Basically, I doubted. In some of the cases, I literally only had a passing interaction with them before receiving a message. Talk about an interesting conversation! But, afterward, I was assured each time that the information I gave them turned out to be truly helpful.

That's what it's all about for me—being helpful.

So, there you have it. Am I able to bend spoons? No. (That's telekinesis, by the way.) Can I tell you if you'll get that promotion, or who you're going to marry? Probably not. Can I give a reading? Probably.  I'll have to ask my Spirit Guides if they've got anything for me.

Will I ever refer to myself as a Psychic Medium? It's possible. Quite likely, eventually.

But for now, you can refer to me as a Spirit Sensitive. 😀

As always, Namaste

Alain Davis

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

How MY Clairs presented

Hello my friends!

Thank you for returning! If you haven't read my previous post, you can catch up here. This is where I explain each of the Clairs and what they mean and what they can feel like.

In this post, I'd like to talk about my own Clairs. Which ones are my strongest, how they presented for me and what they feel like. 

My Clairs

For me, personally, I have found that my strongest natural Clair is a three-way tie between Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience. They are equally strong—they always have been. In drafting all of this, I have tried to remember back as far as I can, to see if one or the other stand out more. But, honestly, where one was, the other two were as well. I'll explain:

My Clairvoyance:

Turns out, I've always been able to "see" spirit. Problem was, it was ALL in my mind's eye. All of it. Every time. I've NEVER had an encounter with Spirit that was out loud. Looking back, these experiences started when I was *little*. Like, really little. 

I can remember living in a house where there was a Spirit. Of course, I didn't know that at the time. 
He was a grumpy, surly sort of man, that used to show himself to me in a mirror that was at the end of the hallway. Thinking back on my memories, it's almost as though it's a memory of me interacting with an imaginary friend. I'm sure my parents dismissed it as just that. But, as an adult, talking with my brother—turns out, he used to see that shit, too! That's probably the earliest memory I have. Damn, I couldn't have been older than 5? Maybe 4? We lived there until I was 11. The Spirit never scared me. He was almost sort of protective, if that makes sense. 

Besides that, I've always had images when I close my eyes. Sometimes faces. Sometimes places. My dreams have always been exceptionally vivid—and I almost always remember them. I'm sure that's not some sort of requirement or anything, so don't get too worked up if you don't remember your dreams. I've only come across a few people that remember them as much as I do. Most people don't.

I mention it because it turns out that some of the places I have seen in my dreams have turned out to be real places that I've seen later in life.

For example, I had a dream about this old run down church. We were running through it and exploring. I don't remember much else about the actual dream, but the church was very memorable. Part of the roof was caved in, so half the building was gone, but the front wall/face was still standing. 

Years later, my husband and I moved our family from Arizona to Iowa. A few blocks from our house is a nursing home that is attached to an old church. I don't know the history of the place. What I do know is that when we first drove past the nursing home, and I saw the church part of the building, my stomach dropped—in...recognition?...almost like Deja Vu. That's the only way I can describe it. <Update: If you want to see a picture of the church as it is now, click here.>

Just a few weeks ago, I had another occasion as I was coming home from a road trip. We had taken a road that I've never been down before and I recognized a hotel from a dream I'd had. It wasn't a Best Western hotel, either. It was very specific and very touristy. But again, when we were driving past, I just KNEW it was the same place as in my dream. Exact same reaction as I had to the church.

It's happened a total of three times since we've moved to Iowa. I take it as a sign that we are meant to be here. 

My Clairaudience:

I've often been bothered at night, and slept with a radio on. Otherwise, it felt like someone left an old radio on, in another room and kept slowly changing the dial, scanning for a good station, back and forth. Sometimes static, sometimes voices, sometimes music, sometimes shouts - but never, ever just...quiet. Having my own radio on gave me something to focus on and was the only way I could sleep. 

Obviously, once I was living with my boyfriend (now husband), sleeping with a radio was no longer an option. My alternative was to count. Not sheep. Just count. A trick my mother had taught me when I was little. My dad had gotten fed up with me singing along to my radio late into the night and had taken it away. 

So, I'd start at 100, and count backwards. I'd time the counts with my breath and make a game out of it. If I moved, I'd start over. If I forgot a number, I'd start over. If I opened my eyes, I'd start over. If I lost my train of thought and more than one breath went by, I'd start over. If I got all the way to 0, I'd start over—but this time, I'd start at 500. You get the drift. Needless to say, sleep and I have never been besties.

FFS, at one point I was diagnosed with having Narcolepsy because my sleep had been so deteriorated that I had, literally, every single symptom. That's how bad it was. 

Now that I have accepted my abilities, and have learned ways of coping with them (and even developing them) I no longer need to sleep with a radio, or count.

Once I was able to meet my Spirit Guide, and got comfortable with directly communicating with him (them, really—I have several; we'll get into that in a future post) it made it much easier to tell the difference between the sounds of Spirit and the sound of my own internal thoughts. Which, let's face it, for awhile, I didn't know which was which. 

My Clairsentience:

Just like the other two, this one has been around for a long time. I've kept it to myself for a long, long time. 

Oh, stop. I don't predict earthquakes or pick winning lottery numbers. It's not that kind of clear knowing. 

But, as a kid, when my parents fought, I always...just knew...which times they were fighting about money versus the times they were fighting over jealousy. When I was little older, I always knew when my friends were mad at me, even when they said they weren't (you know how kids can be!)—and usually knew exactly why, too. 

Don't you ever just...know stuff? You don't know how you know, you just do? Like, in your bones?

This one happens to me all the time. I just know that reducing a certain ingredient in a recipe will make it better, make it the way my family would prefer it. I just know that my daughter left her sneakers in the garage, when I didn't actually see them there and she 'swears' she has looked everywhere. I just know that my BFF is on the other end of the line when my phone rings. Stuff like that. Seems small, simple. But it's constant. 

I'm refraining giving too many examples of how things are now, because what I get and how I get it is something that I've achieved through a series of steps and after a bit of work. 

I will, though. I promise. I'm still just trying to catch you up, that's all. Plus, I know it can get even better; more clear and even easier. So that's something I'll be working on. 

And, lucky you—you'll be along for the ride!

As always, Namaste!

Alain Davis

What are the 'Clairs'?

Hello, my friend!

In this post, we're going to cover some basic stuff, the housekeeping shit, if you will, so that moving forward you understand what I mean when I say it.

If you have already started your mediumship development path, some of this may be redundant or elementary for you, and for that—my apologies. As I mentioned in my Welcome! post, I intend to catch you up on what I've already learned so far. On what my path has looked liked. So, this feels necessary to me. And, besides, everyone's path is unique and people always have different ways of explaining things. 

So, let me just jump right in!

What I mean when I say "out loud".

Before we get too far along, I should probably get this out of the way. I will say 'out loud' and 'mind's eye/ear'. I feel like I say these A LOT. Sometimes people just nod, and other times I know they have no idea what I'm talking about.

When I say out loud, what I mean is this: If you were looking at me, and a Spirit was standing next to me, you would see the Spirit standing there just the same as though they were a living human. I am finding that this is much more rare than I once thought. More on this later! 

When I say mind's eye, I am referring to that place where you can see memories. It's also where you might imagine something or remember something. You would not believe how long it took me to figure that out! For all the times I'd read books or posts that instructed me to "use my mind's eye" or "open my mind's eye"—I was so frustrated because I didn't know what the heck they were talking about! Felt sort of silly once I got it all straightened out. I mean, I use it all the time. I just didn't realize it, you know? 

When I say mind's ear, I mean that you heard it, but not in an external way. If other people were around you, they didn't hear it. If you were alone, you perceived that it was "inside your head". Think of it as being similar to the memory of a sound. 

And no, trust me, these things happening does NOT mean you are crazy.

Hello Clairs!

We are all familiar with our basic five senses: taste, touch, sight, smell, hearing. 

But, you've heard of the saying 'sixth sense', right? Maybe someone has a really good knack for knowing when people are lying—you might say they've got a sixth sense about it. Or maybe you can always tell when danger is around. You just knew something was off. You might say your gut was telling you something was wrong. Which is another way of referring to a sixth sense.

Well, you're not wrong. The sixth sense is real and exists in everyone. Generally speaking, it's been my experience that the majority of people refer to it as a gut feeling. 

Here's what's really happening. Beyond the basic five senses, we all have five gifts, or additional senses that operate through Spirit. These five individual gifts, sometimes referred to as "Clairs" (we'll get into it a bit more in a sec) and allow us to process information that is not perceivable through our basic senses. 

These additional senses, or Clairs, are primarily what are developed during a mediumship development. They are quite like muscles. The more you use them, the stronger they become. They never truly go away (I hear you thinking: Is is a use it or lose it type situation?) although they can become much quieter and nearly dormant. People are always more inclined or stronger in one or two of the Clairs, but all of them can be developed. In fact, it's important for that to happen.

The individual Clairs resemble our basic senses. First, you should understand that "Clair" means clear or inner

Clairvoyance - Meaning clear or inner SEEING
This amounts to all things seen with your soul/inner eye, sometimes seen "out loud" and sometimes seen in your mind's eye. Both are equally valid. They can be pictures, moving/movie type images, faces, people, animals, spirits, or places. They can be in color, black and white, fast, slow, hazy or crystal clear. 

Clairaudience - Meaning clear or inner HEARING
This amounts to all things heard with your soul/inner ear, sometimes out loud and sometimes in your mind's ear. Both are equally valid. Sounds can overlap! Voices, shouts, cries, whimpers, talking, laughter, music, beeps, nature sounds, animals. It might sounds muffled, crystal clear, near, far, in one ear or both (or just in the middle of your head). Lying in bed at night can sometimes be overwhelming since it is so quiet in the room. Many people find they need a fan or music in order to "drown it out".

Clairsentience - Meaning clear or inner SENSING or KNOWING
This amounts to all messages received through thoughts, feelings, emotions on a soul level. I often refer to this as a "digital download". You don't know where the information came from, but you just know.

Clairscent - Meaning clear or inner SMELLING
This amounts to all messages received through the power of smell, when such items aren't actually present. This typically feels very much out loud, but given that the item in question is not present, it is obviously an inner sensation (in your mind's eye) received from Spirit. Often, you'll catch a scent of flowers, nature, cooking, tobacco, or perfume, almost anything.

Clairgustance - Meaning clear or inner TASTING
This amounts to all messages received through the power of taste, when such items aren't actually present. Again, just as in Clairscent, this typically feels very much out loud, but since the item in question is not present, it is obviously an inner sensation (in your mind's eye) received from Spirit. You might catch a taste of chocolate, fruit, bread, beverage or sauces, almost anything.

Looking back on your life, which of these do you think are your strongest natural Clairs? Have you had any instances where all of them were involved? I'd love to hear about your experiences. Please feel free to comment to this post! 

I am naturally strong in three Clairs. We'll talk about that more in my next post. Early on in my development, I never really understood why it was important to develop the other Clairs. I had no trouble hearing my Spirit Guide. I could hear his voice as easily and clearly as my husband's. And then it clicked. Spirits on the other side of the veil are from all walks of life, trying to communicate with living people I've never met. The Spirits don't know me, either. What if I don't speak their language? Then what? Symbols, most likely. But, not necessarily. They might send me a smell that has a particular meaning for their living loved one, or send me an image that would have a special meaning, or send me the taste of their signature meal they used to make for their family. Just because I can see, hear and speak with MY Spirit Guide (and the Spirits I've come into contact with so far) does not mean that will always be the case.

In my next post, I'd love to share with you more details about how the Clairs presented for me, personally. My goal through all of this is to demonstrate that everyone's abilities are unique and everyone's experiences, while different, are valid.

So, more about that next time. 


Alain Davis

Wednesday, July 1, 2020


My name is Alain Davis. 
And I’m Spirit Sensitive.


It’s been a long time in development, but I’m so excited (and, okay, nervous) to finally introduce myself! 

What I'd like is for my blog post to become is a place where:
    * I can teach others what I have learned so far about mediumship development.
    * Others can share with me (and others) what they have learned about their journey so far. 
    * In time, this can become a collaborative space, where discussions can be had, and exchanges of information can be made.

Here's what it boils down to. I *know* that my path is to teach. But I also know that I have much to learn myself. So, while I will be creating posts, based upon my experiences and what I've learned (sharing resources that have been helpful to me, etc), I know that there will be people I have yet to meet that have so much to teach me. I can't wait to see how this path unfolds!  

I made a promise to myself, and to spirit, to continue developing my mediumship. When I did that, I very clearly saw this blog post. It unfolded, almost like a series of diary entries. To exist so that other people can see what it's like to actually walk down that path. That it takes time and work and attention. And that even when we intend to, we forget "the basics". That there are little ah-ha moments, and big ones. And that sometimes, we feel like we are making NO progress at all. But we keep pushing forward and then when we look back, we realize we have come leaps and bounds. That we are all just spirit, having a human experience. 

So...Like I said, I will be documenting my current path, my actual moving forward development. Because, let's face it. I'm not done. Not fully cooked. Not out there giving readings like Kim Russo or or Theresa Caputo or Chip Coffey. But here's the thing - that's my point. They all went through a process, too. We don't get to hear about that stuff. Only once they've "arrived", or gotten to a point where they feel they are in greater command of their abilities does anyone ever hear how they managed them. 

Well, for reasons I have yet to fully understand, I am supposed to share this journey as it unfolds.

In doing so, that will also entail getting you up to speed. So, some of my posts will include topics that I have already gotten a handle on, or stories about when I was growing up, or resources that have been incredibly helpful to me or messages I've received from Spirit. Probably other stuff. I don't know, yet. 

In my next posts, we'll start digging in to things like, why I prefer the term Spirit Sensitive over Psychic or Medium; what I mean when I say some people see spirits "out loud". We'll talk about the Clairs and how they are integral to development, and which ones are my naturally strongest.

The bottom line is this - I have been Spirit Sensitive all my life. For as long as I can remember. But I only started accepting, developing and getting a handle on it in...oh, probably the last 5-7 years. I'm 40. That's a long-ass time to been in denial, right? 

The reason I was in denial, was because my abilities didn't appear the same way you see on TV or in movies. So, I figured, Nope, I'm not a "medium". I'm not a "psychic". Nope, I must just have a sleep disorder (spirits used to bother me A LOT at night). And other than that, I'm just a VERY imaginative person. It's not the media's fault. It's hard enough to portray their point on a 2D screen something to encompass our basic 5 senses. It's incredibly limiting to expect them to be able to accurately express the 6th sense on film. I will say it has gotten better in recent years. Probably as a combination of people being more open about the differences in their own abilities as well as advances in technology. 

I want to share with you how my abilities present. I want to share with you the differences in abilities. I want to assure you that everyone's abilities are different. Doesn't make mine right and yours wrong. Doesn't make yours better than mine. Everyone is unique. There's a reason for that. I want to do this so that you will come to accept yourself—your WHOLE self, spirit and purpose included—so that you can live the life you were meant to live.

You are not alone. I am not alone. 

I can't wait to dig into all this stuff.

I really do want this to become a collaborative space. That's why I have enabled comments on all of my posts. Please do comment, if you are so inspired. I promise to be responsive. 

Please be warned: My posts will be real. I have to be my authentic self. I can be quite the sweary bitch at times, so if that's your bag—stick around. If it's not, no worries! There are other places you are meant to be and I take no offense.

I will always treat you with respect and I expect the same.

Thank you so much for being here. I know there are lots and lots of places for you to get your information, some places that are much more polished and fancier than mine. I trust that this space will speak to the people it's meant to speak to.

Hopefully that's you? 

I can't wait to see how this unfolds!


Alain Davis

P.S. I appreciate your patience as I get used to this whole blogging thing! It's new to me! But, if you want to interact with me more directly, feel free to come follow me on Twitter @hopelessoptimst